Used needle found close to primary school in Maghera

Used needle found in Maghera.
Used needle found in Maghera.

Mid Ulster Sinn Féin councillor, Brian McGuigan has voiced his concern that over a used needle found on the Fairhill Road area of Maghera.

Councillor McGuigan said: “Those who have disposed of this needle have shown a complete disregard for the people of the area and in particular children’s safety.

“These actions have angered residents in Maghera. That someone could discard a needle only yards from an early years learning facility, the naiscoil and a local primary school which are located in the vicinity.

“It is disgraceful and reckless behaviour. Children through curiosity pick things up. Only for the quick action of local people we could be dealing with a serious outcome if a child had picked up the needle. The safe disposal of needles is a major public health and safety issue.

“I am asking parents to make their children fully aware of the dangers of finding and picking up discarded needles”.

“Local Sinn Féin activists have discussed the issue with TIPSA and the needle was disposed off in a safe manner using the disposable sharps box at a local pharmacy in the town.”