UUP councillors oppose Maze plan at Cookstown meeting

Prison buildings at the Maze should be demolished and the conflict centre moved to another site, Cookstown councillor Trevor Wilson has said.

Sunday, 16th June 2013, 3:01 pm

Mr Wilson was speaking after the Ulster Unionist Party`s Councillors` Association has unanimously passed a resolution against the proposed Peace Building and Conflict Resolution Centre (PbCRC) being sited at the Maze.

The Ulster Unionist Councillors` Association (UUCA) held their Annual General Meeting in Cookstown on Saturday.

“The motion passed at the Ulster Unionist Councillors` Association gives further affirmation to the Party`s support for the re-development of the Maze site, but makes clear our opposition to the siting of the proposed Peace Building and Conflict Resolution Centre (PbCRC) at the Maze and calls for the prison buildings to be de-listed and demolished,” said Mr Wilson.

“As my colleague Tom Elliott said last week it is important to separate out the two issues. Let`s develop the site, let`s create the jobs, but don`t tarnish it by siting the proposed Peace Building and Conflict Resolution Centre at the Maze.

“It is the most divisive site in Northern Ireland. The Prison buildings need to be de-listed and demolished so that there is no opportunity for the site to become a shrine to terrorism.”

UUP leader, Mike Nesbitt, who attended the annual meeting on Saturday, welcomed the motion.

“The innocent victims of terrorism, the Orange Order, the RUC George Cross Association, prison officers and all elected Unionist political representatives, apart from the DUP, have now made clear their opposition to the development of the site as is currently being proposed.

“Given the range of opposition, the question must be asked of the DUP: who are you representing by pushing these controversial and deeply divisive proposals? It’s certainly not the pro-union people, so it looks like you are simply doing Sinn Fein’s bidding.

Mr Nesbitt added: “It`s over to the DUP. They should do what`s right for Northern Ireland and call a halt to the current proposals for the proposed Peace Building and Conflict Resolution Centre immediately.”