Vandals target elderly Magherafelt woman’s garden

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Residents in Magherafelt are asking neighbours of elderly people to be vigilant, following an incident outside the town on Saturday night, when an elderly woman’s garden was vandalised.

It’s been reported that the attack has left her traumatised and frightened to be alone in her own home.

The issue was highlighted by a neighbour on social media.

She wrote: “Anyone that knows this lady will know the hard work and the pride that she takes in her garden and it really is lovely, so for some wee scumbag to think they have a right to come along and destroy all her hard work is not acceptable, this lady is usually alone in her home and because of this incident it has left her traumatised and frightened to be alone.

She added: “The reason I am writing this is just to say to everyone on this page, please keep an eye out for our neighbours especially our elderly neighbours who may be on their own and report anything suspicious to the police, no-one should be afraid in their home.”