Verbal tennis continues between Mid Ulster MLAs

DUP MLA Ian McCrea
DUP MLA Ian McCrea

THE ongoing row between Mid Ulster unionist assembly members Ian McCrea and Sandra Overend is showing no signs of abating.

In a statement, the DUP MLA Ian McCrea said “that the only motivation for Sandra Overend’s fascination with the DUP must be a lack of confidence within her own party”.

He added; “The Ulster Unionist Party are clearly devoid of any policy, strategy or direction. That can be the only reason for their constant fascination with the DUP.

“On the issue of the Maze the DUP inherited the Ulster Unionist Party’s attempt at strategy and have now ensured a decisive outcome. However it is particularly disappointing that Sandra Overend would attempt to drag issues like broadband provision or farm safety down to the level of political bickering.

“These are issues which every single representative should be battling to ensure the people of Mid Ulster receive the very best service.

“I am more than happy to stand on my record on these, and far from following anyone’s lead a simple Google search will reveal my focus on issues such as rural broadband in Mid Ulster before Sandra Overend was even a member of the Assembly.

“Why an MLA would ever believe that farm safety is an issue somehow ‘owned’ by them is bizarre and displays a deep insecurity in their own record of delivery.

“I will continue to do my level best to deliver the very best services for the people of Mid Ulster, regardless of whether that desire is shared by other MLAs or not.”

Mr McCrea was responding to a statement from Sandra Overend - who was also responding to a previous statement from Ian McCrea.

“Instead of attacking the Ulster Unionist Party for being right about opposing a terrorist shrine at the Maze, Ian McCrea and the DUP should simply accept that they were wrong and move on. We and other Unionists need no history lessons from the DUP about their various U-turns for political gain,” Mrs Overend said last week.