Video: Action from Randy Santel’s eating challenge in Magherafelt

FOOD eating machine Randy Santel, from the USA, demolished Nosh Cafe’s 40oz challenge in Magherafelt last night in under 10 minutes.

Randy, in front of a packed house, got through five 8oz burgers, topped with cheese and bacon, and accompanied fries in 9 minutes 57 seconds.

The previous record for the challenge was 60 minutes 42 seconds held by Coalisland man Mark Coney for the past three years.

Nosh owner Paul Clinton, who had to fork out a £100 bonus to the professional eater from Kansas, said it was an incredible evening.

“We went for a few drinks later and he was able to down pints of Guinness and shots, you name it,” said Paul.

Paul revealed that two people have booked in to challenge Randy’s record next week.

“It will be hard to beat,” laughed Paul.

This weekend Randy will be attempting a world record breakfast in Cavan when he will attempt to eat 9lb of food as fast as he can.