Video: Bellaghy remembers Seamus Heaney at special anniversary event

The people of Bellaghy turned out this afternoon to commemorate the first anniversary of the death of Nobel Laureate Seamus Heaney.

Bellaghy Bawn will be centre-stage for a two-day event which started this morning with talks and tours around Heaney ‘country’

There was a quiet moment of reflection at his grave at St Mary’s Church cemetery where the poet is buried.

At the Turfman sculpture outside the Bawn, there was music and song performed by local artistes.

The event has been organised by The Poetry House, a group of Heaney enthusiasts from the surrounding area.

Committee Patrick Brennan said it would be “an honorific and celebratory occasion that is mindful of the deep loss to his family and friends and to our global culture, while recalling Seamus’ good humour, the playful twinkle in his eye, his celebrated mischievous ‘chuckle’, his unique voice and his deep love of his place.”