Video: Bring on the burgers in Magherafelt says Man v Food star

SELF-styled professional eater Randy Santel is confident that tomorrow he will smash a challenge that has left others floundering in Magherafelt’s Nosh Cafe.

The star of the popular American TV programme Man v Food will undertake the Rainey Street eaterie’s infamous 40oz Challenge - which he hopes to crack in 15 minutes.

Randy Santel - professional eater

Randy Santel - professional eater

In the contest, hopefuls are presented with a plate of five 8oz burgers, topped with cheese and bacon, and accompanied by fries, to be consumed in 30 minutes or less. Their prize? The meal is free.

“Over five years, 28 guys have tried and failed our challenge,” says Nosh owner Paul Clinton. They are on our ‘Wall of Shame.’ Only one person has succeeded and he is on our ‘Wall of Fame.’ He completed the entire meal, but overshot the time limit.”

Paul explains that Randy will pop into Nosh Cafe as part of a 44-day European tour “to raise his profile outside the USA.” The 6’ 5” colossus - who is also a bodybuilder - will attempt 30 challenges in eight countries. Totally dedicated, Randy leaves nothing to chance and trains for all his food challenges.

So, why Magherafelt, and why Nosh Cafe?

“Randy saw our challenge on Facebook and contacted us,” explains Paul. “He said the challenge was too good to turn down! He was very confident and stated that he has no doubt in his mind that he will do it!

“I was very surprised and excited that he decided to choose Nosh as part of his tour. He has been in regular contact and keeps us up to date with his whereabouts. At the start of the week, he flew into Dublin to sample the fayre!” Paul adds: “He appears very sociable. We’ve decided to go for a drink after the challenge.”

Randy Santel, AKA Atlas, will attempt the Nosh 40oz challenge at 8pm.