Video: Coagh man predicts narrow win for NO camp in Scotland

After week’s of frantic campaigning and fervent debate on the independence of Scotland, the wait is almost over, and one man from Coagh will be sitting up for the result.

Ulster-Scots enthusiast Alan Day who stood in the Coagh ward for UKIP in the Mid Ulster elections, predicts the NO camp will win out on a narrow 53 - 47 percentage vote.

Alan Day

Alan Day

The self-employed IT technician was born in Germany but largely reared in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Mr Day said comparisons between Scotland and Northern Ireland politics, were completely flawed.

“People do not vote along religious or tribal grounds,” he said.

“It really looks like this vote could come down to the wire, it is much more difficult to call than voting over here.

“I still think the NO camp will hold out with around 53% of the vote.”

Alan said that whatever the result, the referendum will have major implications for other parts of the UK including Northern Ireland.

“I think whatever happens, there will be big changes. I believe we could see a more federal type of government across UK, with uniform devolution across all parts, including England.

“If there is a YES vote, then obviously that will have a big psychological impact for Northern Ireland, especially with Sinn Fein pushing for a border poll.”

He said the referendum had sparked a lot of discussion in Mid Ulster.

“Yes, especially over the last few weeks, more and more people are talking about it, they are waking up to how important this vote is for everyone, even here in Mid Ulster.”

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