Video: Cookstown bypass: What impact would it have?

Will Cookstown’s long-awaited bypass - first announced thirty-five years ago - ever come to pass, and what impact would it have on the town?

The Mid Ulster Mail took to the streets of Cookstown to find out what you think.

The busy Cookstown main street.INTT3913-389SR

The busy Cookstown main street.INTT3913-389SR

Jose Monica from Cookstown: “Business-wise it’s not so good, but it’s needed on a Saturday with the market when it takes half an hour to get through. There are two sides to the coin!

Mark Casey from Cookstown: “I think it’ll hurt the businesses in the town, but Cookstown is congested and always will be. I think we need something and it might help.”

Monica Robertson and son Andrew Quinn: “I think it’s a good idea but I don’t think it’ll hurt businesses because people will still come to the town.”

Richard Butler from Cookstown: “The question is - is the bypass ever going to come to Cookstown? It’s been going on for as long as I can remember.”

Kenneth Crooks from Cookstown: “It’s a good idea because it will reduce traffic in the town centre. It’s busy around the time when the pupils are heading to school.”

William Mullan from Cookstown: “I think it’s a good idea to divert the traffic away from the town, especially on a Friday and Saturday. The schools make it hard to get through the town too.”