Video: Cookstown groom’s wedding video goes viral

A Wedding video featuring a Cookstown man and his Co. Kildare bride has gone viral.

Chris and Leah O’Kane got the biggest surprise of all when the priest celebrating their wedding ceremony, Father Ray Kelly, burst into his own rendition of the Jeff Buckley classic Hallelujah.

Father Ray Kelly singing at the marriage ceremony of Chris and Leah O'Kane

Father Ray Kelly singing at the marriage ceremony of Chris and Leah O'Kane

The video, only uploaded on Monday (7th April) has already had over 170,000 hits on YouTube and continues to rise.

Father Kelly, had told no-one what he was about to do while celebrating the Wedding ceremony in the Old Castle Church, Co Meath.

Patrick Rush, who uploaded the video to YouTube, and works with the groom at The Sacred Heart House of Prayer in Cookstown told the MAIL everyone in the congregation was ‘amazed’ at what happened.

He said: “No-one could believe it. The SonLight musicians were meant to sing a third song, but when the priest stood up he nodded over and we expected him to finish the mass, no-one expected what he did next. He just pressed play on the backing track and off he went.”

Patrick told the MAIL, the happy couple were ‘smiling like Cheshire cats’ the entire way through Father Kelly’s personalised rendition of the song, “Chris’s reaction after the ceremony was just ‘madness’ he said. They could not believe what had happened.”

Father Kelly who has released two albums with proceeds going to charity has sang at other weddings before but neither Chris or Leah had any idea of his immense talent.

Patrick said what Father Kelly had done for the couple was a ‘great gift’.

He said: “It was a really beautiful gift, it was lovely, a real blessing for them starting out their married life together. He didn’t really know them that well apart from through the Wedding preparations yet he personalised the song to them. It was a great gift that will continue on and on as it spreads around the world.”

He added that the happy couple who are currently on their Honeymoon have been in touch and cannot quite believe how far the video has spread, “They are so excited. They have had messages to say it has reached Australia, the USA from Washington DC to San Francisco and further afield. It really is amazing, I never thought it would spread how it has,” he said.