Video: Cookstown PSNI’s river video makes a splash on Facebook

A short video from the PSNI in Cookstown showing a police jeep driving over a river ford during a rural patrol, has prompted some scathing comments from the public.

Posting on their Facebook page, Cookstown PSNI said the video was used to illustrate their “patrol in the rural area to help prevent rural crime which has been raised as a concern by local community”.

PSNI river video

PSNI river video

“No hazard is too big, deep or wide to stop Cookstown officers getting the job done”, the local PSNI described their video.

But one facebook user commented: “That’s time put to good use there...must be very busy.”

“It’s like a scene from Emmerdale,” wrote another.

And the comments kept coming: ”Sure you could go through that in a bike.”

“Anyone else got Diana Ross’s song stuck in their head?”