Video: Cookstown’s shopping bags popping up all over the world

Cookstown’s branded shopping bags have helped reinforce the town’s Retail Capital of Mid Ulster title, and now the famous reusable shopping bags have gone global.

In what has become has a social media phenomenon, the hard-wearing bags are showing up in #Cookstownbagselfies all over the world.

Cookstown shopping bag looking great in Florida

Cookstown shopping bag looking great in Florida

Cookstown District Council’s Facebook page has been inundated with images of the Cookstown shopping bags appearing in various locations worldwide.

In total the bags have travelled over 32,000 miles appearing in a number of countries including Australia, America, Hungry, France, Italy, Turkey to name a few.

A Cookstown shopper forwarded one image of their bag photographed with the stunning French Alps in the background. Another image shows a holiday maker proudly carrying his Cookstown bag through Dubai airport with other photographs showing the Cookstown bag at Buda Castle in Budapest, St Augustine, Florida, Luxor Temple in Egypt, Ephesus, Turkey, Noosa Beach, Australia.

The Mail asked shoppers why they brought their Cookstown Bags on holidays and were told:

“The bags are extremely durable which makes them an excellent carrier bag for all types of produce”

“I live in Australia and my Cookstown bags is a little reminder of home when living so far away”

“I wouldn’t leave home without my Cookstown Bag”

Speaking to the Mail, a council source said they were delighted to see the bag showcasing the town in other countries.

“It is great to see how much people use these bags, and now they are even taking them on holidays. Not only have they reduced the need for plastic bags, they are also showcasing Cookstown as a fantastic place to shop.”

If you have a photograph of your Cookstown bag on holiday why not share it on Cookstown District Council Facebook and Twitter sites using #cookstownbagselfie.