Video: Dungannon girl with rare illness enjoys ‘magical’ dolphin trip

A Dungannon mum, whose daughter was granted her wish of swimming with dolphins, has told how the family made memories that will last a lifetime on the unforgettable trip.

Eleven year-old Niamh Mullen suffers from the very rare condition Kartagener’s Syndrome, which causes abnormalities of the respiratory tract and transposition of the organs.

Niamh Mullen with her family and Dixie the Dolphin

Niamh Mullen with her family and Dixie the Dolphin

The Harry Potter fan, whose idols include the TV duo Ant and Dec, travelled to America with her mum Sandra, uncle Barry and little brother Charlie to swim with Dixie the Dolphin.

The family stayed a short distance from the Disney World attractions, and Niamh even explored Diagon Alley where she learned how to cast spells, rode a dragon and escaped from Gringott’s Bank!

Speaking about the trip, made possible by Starlight Children’s Foundation, Niamh’s mum Sandra said: “The time we spent together in Florida was emotional and extremely precious. Of course we still had to do our daily routine of physio, nebulisers and meds but for one week we were able to forget about hospital appointments and just enjoy time together as a family.”