Video: Emotional Garth Brooks fans snap up tickets in Dungannon

Some of them had queued from last Sunday morning, but the delight on the faces of the Dungannon Garth Brook’s fans was clear to see as they finally got their hands on the elusive tickets to his Croke Park concert.

The excitement was at fever pitch on Thursday morning (30th January) outside Stewart’s Music Shop in Dungannon as fans waited to finally get their tickets for the country star’s return to Ireland.

The queue outside Stewart's Music Shop Dungannon on Thursday morning,

The queue outside Stewart's Music Shop Dungannon on Thursday morning,

The first to get her tickets was Adeline McGuckin from Coalisland, Adeline told the TIMES: “I am just delighted! Better than if all Christmas’ come at once! It was worth every minute and every day, well worth it, I would do it all again!”

Aisling Heatherington from Coalisland had also been queuing from Sunday, after finally getting the tickets in her hands, she told the TIMES: “It’s an absolutely amazing feeling! Well worth the four night stay out in the freezing, cold I would do it all again in the morning!”

Such was the demand for tickets, a third date was announced on Thursday morning and went on sale immediately.

Raymond Stewart, of Stewart’s Music Shop told the TIMES the demand for tickets has been ‘unbelievable.’ He said: “We even had a phone call this morning from a woman, before the tickets went on sale, offering £2000 for two tickets! She said she would give me her credit card details over the phone and everything! I had to tell her no, we couldn’t do it.”