VIDEO: Famous actor records message for Cookstown youth at BAFTA party

The famous actor who played the original 'Baby Face' in the 1976 movie Bugsy Malone has recorded a video message for Cookstown Youth, who are taking on the show in town tonight.

Dexter Fletcher, who has more recently starred in movies such as Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Kick Ass, told the students: "Listen to what Bugsy says. Work hard and be brilliant in the musical."

Dexter starred in Guy Ritchie's Lock Stock

Dexter starred in Guy Ritchie's Lock Stock

The star was with South West College and self-employed drama teacher Bugsy McMahon at Harvey Weinstein's party in London following the Baftas.

He is directing Cookstown Youth in the stage show Bugsy Malone at Lanyon Hall tonight.

"I was with Dexter Fletcher - the original Babyface in Bugsy Malone and also director of Eddie the Eagle and Sunshine on Leith," Bugsy said.

"He generously sent this message to Cookstown Youth who are performing Bugsy on the 24th Feb in Lanyon Hall which I am directing."

After being handed Bugsy's phone at the party the original Baby Face told the students: "Be brilliant, be brave, take chances."

See what else he says...