Video: Flooding misery in village outside Cookstown

RESIDENTS of an estate in Churchtown, near Cookstown say they are fed up living with floodwater just inches from the level of their doorsteps.

After weeks of heavy rain, the homes in Tynure have become almost marooned in the water-logged cul-de-sac.

Roisin and Michael outside their homes surrounded by flood water in Churchtown

Roisin and Michael outside their homes surrounded by flood water in Churchtown

Those who live there, say the problem has been recurring over the last six or seven years.

Roisin McGuigan contacted the Mail, saying she has been forced to park her car further from her home, while other residents have to wear wellies, just to come out of their front doors.

“This is going roughly for the last six or seven years,” she said.

“They come out and drain this, but then as soon as it rains again the flooding is back, worse than ever.

Roisin says she has raised the matter with Clanmill Housing Association who own the properties.

She added: “One of our biggest fears is that the water will go into the sewers and cause an even worse blockage. I cannot understand why, this problem has not been sorted after all these years, surely it cannot be that difficult to clear the pipes and get rid of this mess.”

In a statement Clanmill Housing said: “Following flooding to the car park in 2010, we met with statutory agencies and it was determined that the problem was due to an issue with a nearby NI Water pumping station. The issue was dealt with at that time by Northern Ireland Water and we have not received any further reports of flooding since. The incident has been reported to NI Water and they are liaising with other agencies to identify the cause of the problem and what corrective action is necessary.”