Video: Glasgowbury bids to nurture new musical talent

A ‘Small But Massive’ opportunity is available for young talent to join the artist and creative development strand of the popular Rural Key programme at Glasgowbury.

Starting on November 1, 2pm – 6pm until the end of March, on Saturday afternoons, the classes will see the Cornstore Creative Hub buzz with music making and creativity as structured workshops with skilled musicians and industry professionals inspire, nurture and educate young, rural talent.



Course content will include songwriting, artist/band development, music production, performance, recording, music business, marketing, filming, photography, event management.

Speaking to Mail, Paddy Glasgow said their goal is to ensure that young people from rural areas with musical and creative talent and potential have opportunities to develop their talent.

“The programme, a driver for community based music education offering everything from basic tuition to artistic, multi media and business development, started in 2006 and has seen the release of three compilation albums featuring participants performing original material,” he said.

“It is an exciting experience for all involved and an important stepping stone for those participants interested in exploring higher education opportunities and careers in the music and creative industries.”

Several Rural Key alumni gave glowing testament

to the programme.

Shauna Tohill from Silhouette: “My expectations were met and exceeded, they go out of their way to help peoples creativity flourish...In one sentence, my experience with Glasgowbury has been and is such a fantastic one - they have given me the confidence to be who I am today as a musician

and a person.”

John Gribbin - New York based Building Pictures: “I am making music that I am proud of and this is something that the Rural Key Project and Glasgowbury inspired me to do.”

Shea Tohill from The Wood Burning Savages: “Glasgowbury/The Rural Key has provided complete inspiration, encouragement and great advice, loads of tea, opportunities to get involved in music, playing great gigs, meeting new people and forming new friendships.

“They bring great music and culture to a rural area and have given me knowledge of the music industry that I can use throughout my musical life.”

Sarah O’Kane now with Channel 4: “The Glasgowbury team were essential in mentoring me in just how the media industry worked and what opportunities were available for me.”

If this sounds like it could be for you and you are aged between 13 – 18yrs email workshops@glasgowbury or call 02879628428 for more information and an application form before Friday 24th October ( Numbers are limited.

Thanks to the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland through the Acorn Fund for supporting this project.