Video: Lady of Killymoon Castle opens doors in bid to document WWII stories

Share your memories of WWII at Killymoon Castle in Cookstown
Share your memories of WWII at Killymoon Castle in Cookstown

In an effort to document local WWII stories before they are lost, the owners of Killymoon Castle are inviting the community to share their memories at a special event.

Lady of the castle, Dorothy Coulter told the Mail many have regaled her with their World War Two tales down through the years.

But now she wants to get them documented before those memories are gone.

She said the castle was commissioned by the army during WWII - meaning they used the building as their Cookstown base.

Her husband Godfrey’s family, who have lived there since the 20s, shared their home with American soldiers, who - during that time - threw parties for the local community.

"Different people have come with stories of the soldiers," she explained.

"I thought it would be nice to get all those stories together, so I am holding a wee night and would ask the people that have memories or any connections to when the soldiers were based here, that they would come and tell them.

"Stories like that are going to get lost," she added.

"Seemly they had parties and a lot of children and all were invited. They would have came all dressed up and they had the big ballroom down there, which they would have used, and the soldiers gave out candy."

The event is to take place on Monday, November 14 at 7.30pm. Donations in support of the evening are welcome.