Video: Maghera young women tackle negative stereotypes

A group of young woman from a south Derry community group have been praised for their work on a short film tackles issues around the often negative reporting of young people in the media.

Coiste Pobail Thaobh na Gréine / Sunnyside Community Association in Maghera have produced and directed the movie as part of The Community Foundation NI Social Justice Programme with the assistance of Atlantic Philantrophies.

Sunnyside film makers praised.

Sunnyside film makers praised.

The programme has helped increase awareness that social and economic inequalities are unjust and as a community we can challenge negative perceptions and create local opportunities for projects that are innovative and tackle relevant issues and real needs.

Niamh Ledgewood, who chaired the event on behalf of Sunnyside Community Association, welcomed everyone and in particular Magherafelt District Council Chairperson, councillor Kate McEldowney and Lorraine Morrissey-McCann from The Community Foundation Social Justice Programme who assisted and gave invaluable support to those involved in the project.

Cllr McEldowney added: “This is the second event in a matter of months that I have attended with Sunnyside Community Association and it is a testament to the positive work that is ongoing with the group within the Sunnyside Estate and Maghera as a whole.”

Lorraine Morrissey-McCann from The Community Foundation Social Justice Programme said: “The whole purpose of the Social Justice programme is to take a community development approach to influence power structures and increase the use of a rights based approach at community level.

“The young women from Sunnyside used the programme to explore an issue close to their hearts and so the short film idea was agreed as the best way to achieve this. They felt that the media often generalise and stereotype young people negatively and they have been demoralised at times by the attitudes and negative pre judgements of adults and older members of the community.” She added that they wanted to spark debate on the issue.