Video: Magherafelt father and daughter become Youtube sensations with Ed Sheeran cover

A father and daughter from Magherafelt are taking the internet by storm with their own version of Ed Sheeran song Photograph.

The pair, 9-year-old Charley Nicholas and her dad Kevin, have already had 13,000 online hits with their unique take on the song from Ed’s second album.

Charley and Kevin Nicholas

Charley and Kevin Nicholas

But their mum and wife Charlene - who loaded the video on to Youtube - told the Mail this was the first time they had ever done anything like it.

“They just do wee karaoke nights in the house,” she said, “they’ve never done anything in public.”

When asked how the duet had taken their newfound fame, she added: “The wee girl is oblivious to it all.”

But added: “My husband is a very shy character... he’s happy about it, he just can’t believe the reaction to it.”