Video: Moneymore girl hits all the right notes with debut EP

Moneymore singer-songwriter Chelsea Chambers is hitting all the right notes with her debut EP which was released last month.

Chelsea’s love of music began when she got her first guitar whilst in Primary 5, then when she moved to the Rainey Endowed school, Magherafelt she started singing lessons with her friend.

Chelsea Chambers

Chelsea Chambers

The 19-year-old has been working closely with Van Morrison’s trumpet player and BBC Radio Ulster regular Linley Hamilton on her music.

Her debut EP entitled “I’m Falling”, was produced alongside Gareth Dunlop and John McCullogh of Hillhouse Studios.

Speaking about her debut CD, Chelsea told the MAIL that she would describe her ‘sound’ as ‘pop-country.’

“I would describe my genre as ‘pop-country’ that is what it sounds like to me although people have different interpretations so they might think differently,” she said.

Chelsea who is a first year Sociology and Criminology student at the University of Ulster Jordanstown said she really looks up to American star Taylor Swift as her ‘main influence’, “I have been watching her since she started and I have taken all the tips from her and she is what I look toward for inspiration,” Chelsea said.

Chelsea has performed in the Burnavon in Cookstown and also in HMV in Belfast to celebrate the release of her debut EP, she told the MAIL she is very pleased with the finished product adding that it “turned out better than I expected so I’m really excited it is out there now.”

You can download Chelsea’s new EP from itunes, by simply searching for ‘Chelsea Chambers’ or alternatively you can buy a copy of the album from the Burnavon.