Video: Mother’s anguish at Hepatitis C scare

Patricia Cunningham says the stress associated with the Hepatitis C scare was compounded by the fact that she only became aware through a radio news bulletin.

“It was very scary hearing it on the radio, you didn’t know what is was all about,” said Patricia.

Patricia Cunningham

Patricia Cunningham

“They could have handled it a lot better.

“Most people have the same GP, your GP should have your medical records, so I think it should have been the GP who could have rang us and explained what was going on instead of hearing about it for the first time on the radio.

“It caused a lot of stress at the time, especially for people in my age group, who may have other health problems - to hear that sort of news on the radio is very distressing.”

Patricia said her sister-in-law and another friend had also been treated by the same gynaecologist, but were also given the all-clear after blood tests.