Video: Motorist drives wrong way around Castledawson roundabout

“A little old lady” has been caught on video driving the wrong way around the Castledawson roundabout, and meeting oncoming traffic on her way.

The unsuspecting driver, whom the eagle-eyed camera man said seemed completely unaware of her mistake, had even indicated that she was going to come off at the Toome exit.

Castledawson Roundabout.mm25-382sr

Castledawson Roundabout.mm25-382sr

The incident, which took place on Sunday [Jan 25] at around 3pm, was captured on camera when he “was coming from Meadowbank with my family and noticed the traffic moving very slow in and around Kentucky area.

“As I came to the road junction there was this little old lady coming across as if nothing was wrong,” he added, “and she had her blinker on to turn towards Toome.”

At this point, he said he stopped his car to take the video.

“A few people obviously had seen she was completely unaware she was in the wrong, so they didn’t really road rage at her,” he added.