Video: Peace vigil in Cookstown to mark outbreak of WWI

People from all sides of the community and from all areas of Cookstown will converge in the town centre to mark the outbreak of the First World War on August 4.

The 11pm peace vigil, will see a lone piper lead the procession to the Cenotaph for prayers and remembrance 100 years on from the start of the Great War.

Rev. Norman Porteous at the cenotaph in Cookstown

Rev. Norman Porteous at the cenotaph in Cookstown

The solemn commemoration is being organised by the Royal British Legion in the town.

Rev Norman Porteus, chaplain to the Legion said he hoped the occasion would focus on the need for peace and to learn the harsh lessons of a century ago.

“We are hoping to have people walking to the cenotaph from the north, south, east and west of Cookstown,” said Rev Porteus.

“We want people from every sector of the community, to come along for this very important occasion.

“We are very conscious that 36th Ulster Division, 10 Irish the 16 Irish, all fought and died together. Here in Cookstown, there were many lives lost and it is important that we remember their sacrifice.”

The minister added: “We will have a lone pipe on the night of the vigil.

“What we want is to focus on peace, and prayers will be said for peace.

“As well remembering those killed and injured in the war, we should time to think about the lessons of war and what we must to avoid another war.

“At the time, it was called the Great War and you would have thought that it could not happen again, but you only have to look at what happened just a few years later.

“It will be a very special occasion and it’s important for the people of Cookstown.”