Video: Pomeroy woman sets sights on Commonwealth glory

A Pomeroy woman has her sights set firmly on a medal at the Commonwealth Games in Scotland next month.

Claudia McClung, 24 will compete for Northern Ireland in the .22 rifle shooting competition, after picking up the sport again in recent years.

Claudia McClung

Claudia McClung

The dental nurse took up shooting as a fifth year student in Royal School Dungannon, where her talent for accuracy soon became apparent.

“I didn’t want to play hockey anymore, and there was the option of shooting,” said Claudia.

“Mr Andrew Kelly and Mr Bill Dixon were brilliant, and they encouraged me to keep at it.

“I only did it because I wanted to have a bit of fun playing around with guns, but when they saw that I had a bit of talent, they pushed me on, and I started to get selected for different events.”

After leaving school, Claudia gave up shooting for several years, but has thankfully found her range again.

“I gave it up for a while after school, but I couldn’t bring myself to sell all my shooting stuff, so I started again,” she said.

“It has been going really well since I started back, I have been away competing in different events, I’m only home from the British championships.

“But the Commonwealth Games is the biggest thing by far, that I will be involved in.

“When I tell people, they actually know about the games compared to the other events I normally compete at.

“It’s exciting, I hope to get a trip around the athletes village and soak up the atmosphere of the whole games.”