Video: Roads flooded in Mid Ulster as heavy rain continues

As heavy rain descends upon Mid Ulster, roads and fields across the countryside have disappeared under newly formed bodies of water - but some have been worse affected than others.

One such place is Wood Road just outside Tobermore, where water levels on the road near one home have risen so much they are now reach higher than a car bumper.

Flooded road outside Tobermore

Flooded road outside Tobermore

DRD, who take care of roads across the province, said that one of their crews has been out to inspect the flood.

And having checked gullies along the road for blockages on Tuesday, the spokesperson said they are satisfied the water will drain away in time.

“When the rains come down so quick it just takes a while for the gullies to get up and running”, they said, adding that it will not be a problem “unless it keeps raining”.