Video: Stewartstown singer’s ‘big break’ on TG4 talent show

STEWARTSTOWN musician Barry Devlin, is hoping for success as he takes part in the next series of singing competition Glór Tíre on TG4.

Barry is well-known on the local music and wedding scene performing with his father Gerard in their band ‘Bits and Pieces’.

Barry Devlin

Barry Devlin

He will be one of ten contestants from all over Ireland competing to be the winner of the hit country and western themed talent show, now in its tenth series. Each contestant on the show has a mentor and Barry will be mentored by country star Johnny Brady.

Speaking to the TIMES, Barry said the whole process has ‘happened so fast’ he has hardly had time to take it in.

“I went to see Johnny at a gig in Omagh and I’m friendly enough with the whole band so I went up to talk to Brendan who does the sound for them, and he asked me there on the spot so I had to consider it because I have different commitments but I got back to him on Monday and told him I would do it,” he said.

Talking about his musical idols, Barry said he ‘definitely owes a lot’ to his dad for getting him started in the music scene, “I was mad looking a drum kit because I loved watching live music and playing drums, I never really knew I could sing. My dad then overheard me, I used to drum out in the garage to his backing tracks from his previous band, and I was just singing along to pass the time. He came out to see me, but every time he came out I would stop because I was so shy.

“But he asked me how many songs I knew, then he took me out to gigs, gave me a bit of money and the rest is history I suppose,” Barry added.

Barry also listed Brad Paisley as one of idols saying he was ‘obsessed’ with the American singer-songwriter. He added: “I also think Johnny (Brady) is a fantastic singer, one of the best in the country even as a person I would like to be like him, he is so genuine and everyone sees that in him.” The live shows are due to begin early in 2014 so don’t forget to vote early and vote often for Team BradyDevlin!