Video: The Cube business units open in Dungannon

Dunganoon enterprise centre has launched a new hub of business premises based on the groundbreaking model of Facebook headquarters.

The Cube has been created using 13 recycled steel cabins that previously carried cargo from China and were also on site at last year’s London Olympics. The innovative business centre is located within a 4000 sq ft unit at Dungannon Enterprise Centre that had lain vacant.

The Cube

The Cube

In just over a week, half the multi-coloured cabin boxes have been snapped up by a mix of start-up and established businesses in the Dungannon area, to include a graphic designer, a jewellery maker and accountant.

The turn-key premises come with heating, and electricity with an attractive rental price of £50 per week that also includes rates and superfast broadband.

In what is a micro model of the Facebook headquarters, the Cube comes with a common area for tenants to unwind either by playing a game of pool or relaxing on the artificial grass and paving that has been installed at the same time they can network and develop new ideas with fellow tenants.

A putting green is also being installed.

The Cube is the brainchild of Dungannon Enterprise Centre Chief, Brian MacAuley who responded to requests from budding entrepreneurs who wanted to start a business but were put off by high rent and rates.

Speaking on Friday he said: “The density of self-employed people within the Cube is greater and has much better prospects that one individual business.”

“With the mix of start up and established businesses, this is a blended approach to incubation.”

Mr MacAuley admitted that achieving Building Control approval was challenging but sees the initiative as a test case that can be developed for other similar units or even derelict High Street property that is lying vacant.

Dungannon Enterprise Centre opened in 1991 and is home to 70 businesses employing 280 people.

The Cube will be officially opened at 9 minutes past 10 on the 11th of 12th, 2013