Video: The Twelfth in Magherafelt [Part 2]

ORANGE brethren and their hundreds of supporters came to Magherafelt well prepared for the sweltering weather.

Short-sleeved shirts were the order of the day and many marchers left their traditional regalia of bowler hats and white gloves at home to keep cool.

The Twelfth in Magherafelt

The Twelfth in Magherafelt

Those watching - in their summer finery - kept in the shade where possible and some sheltered beneath umbrellas that on previous ‘Twelfths’ had probably saved them from a thorough soaking.

There was sympathy for the ‘big drum’ carriers who sweated profusely in the heat, and the pipers’ whose faces were redder than usual.

One seasoned Orangeman recalled that the last time the demonstration took place in Magherafelt - six years ago - it was “another scorcher.”

The host lodge - Magherafelt District - had spent most of the week decorating the two-mile processional route.