Video: Tyrone cat surprises dog with a massage!

A Killeeshil family have caught their pet dog and cat in an intimate clinch.

The video footage, which proves that not all dogs and cats have to fight, captures the two-year-old cat giving the dog a carefully kneaded back massage.

Amazing footage of a cat massaging a dog

Amazing footage of a cat massaging a dog

Perhaps the cat is just loosening up a knot of tension so that they can go back to their stereotypical chases around the house, but whatever the reason the ginger tom appears to be an excellent masseur.

The dog, which goes by the name of Frodo, is a cross between an Alsatian and a Labrador, and was rescued as a stray when it was a pup, while the cat is identified as Gingernut.

According to the owners, the pair have a history of back massages and have been the best of pals since the cat was a kitten.

“The first time we saw it, we thought it was incredible looking but a one-off. But then we noticed that it was part of their daily routine.

“The funny thing is that the dog is a little self-conscious about it, and if he thinks anyone is watching, he’ll nudge the cat away.

“Clearly, he enjoys it, though, as his tail wags during the massage, and who would blame him?

“Cats have a reputation for being selfish and aloof but this one clearly bucks the trend, while the dog gets along with everything. We’ve seen him gently nudge rabbits out of the way on the lawn so that he can lie down beside them.”

Cat experts say that kneading is not an uncommon action for cats, especially young ones who perhaps still recall their infancy with their mother, while it’s also seen as a sign of affection.

However, it is unusual for cats and dogs, who are predetermined to fight, to indulge in the behaviour.

Unless, of course, the cat is feeling the dog’s vital organs to plan a strategic attack!