Watch: Is this Mid Ulster’s worst pothole?

Outraged residents in Knockloughrim have warned that the state of the Hillhead Road in the village will cause a serious accident if it is not repaired.

Residents have reported to the MAIL that an area of this particular stretch of road has been in poor condition since November last year, with no signs of anything to fix the issue.

Part of the Hillhead Road in Knockloughrim

Part of the Hillhead Road in Knockloughrim

One motorist told the MAIL how when travelling along the road and meeting a large lorry coming in the other direction, one of the warning cones flipped up and hit is car.

“The potholes in the road have been covered with steel boards, but when I met the lorry, the weight of the lorry dislodged the board, and caused one of the traffic cones to fly in the air and hit my car.

“Thankfully it didn’t cause any damage but this road is a very busy route to the local school, and many children and parents walk it to the school. That cone could easily have gone in the other direction and hit a child,” he said.

Another outraged resident expressed her frustrations with how long the problem has been going on.

“It is a disgrace that residents of the village are having to dodge the large pot holes when the metal plates move. Not to mention having to dodge getting soaked when walking young children to school and back. If this was on the doorstep of Magherafelt, any other large village/town or even Stormont it wouldn’t be still leaking after 8 weeks,” she added.

A TransportNI spokesperson said: “The pipe causing the problem is a private structure and as such is not the responsibility of TransportNI. However, the Department has been proactively working to identify those responsible to ensure that repair works are undertaken as a matter of urgency.

“Following investigations the Department has, on three occasions, contacted the persons we believe to be responsible, however, we have be unsuccessful in securing their co-operation.

“While our inquiries continue, the Department is exploring the option to undertake the repair and act to recover costs from the owners.

“In the meantime, TransportNI is working to keep the road open and would advise driver to exercise extra care when travelling in the area.”