Wendy denied gold - questions need to be answered

ULSTER Unionist Assembly Member for Mid-Ulster, Sandra Overend, has spoken about Wendy Houvenaghel’s huge disappointment in not receiving a Gold Olympic Medal along with her teammates, saying that there are definitely questions that need to be answered.

“Like many other proud Mid-Ulster individuals I was glued to the Olympics on Friday evening to look out for our very own local Olympian, Wendy Houvenaghel, who originates from Upperlands.

“Wendy was due to take part in the Women’s Cycling Team Pursuit. While I’m no expert in the Olympics, I did wonder why Wendy wasn’t part of the team, nor did we hear anything about her! I have since talked to Wendy’s Mum who confirmed that Wendy was bitterly disappointed that she wasn’t part of the final team and that she wasn’t given a medal, unlike the USA team of four who all were given Silver Medals.

“Furthermore, I was shocked to learn that Wendy made a faster time in the line-up during the trials, faster than the other riders. And in fact her timing was faster than the final time of the team that won Olympic Gold.

“I strongly feel that questions need to be asked about how the team was selected to compete and why better decisions had not been made to enable Wendy to also receive a Gold Medal – I understand that there was a fourth Gold Medal for the fourth contestant, but this was not given to her.”