Westlands Residents ‘left in state of total confusion’-UNISON

A REPRESENTATIVE from Trade Union organisation UNISON have told the MAIL that residents have been left in ‘a state of total confusion’ following the latest letter from from director of Social Care and Children, Fionnuala McAndrew.

Stephanie Greenwood, who is Northern Health Branch secretary has said that once again the residents have been treated badly in the new consultation process.

Residents on Wednesday received a letter from Fionnuala McAndrew, director of Social Care and Children outlining the process that is going to take place for the next phase in terms of the residential homes. The letter outlines that a new period of consultation will be taking place.

Fionnuala McAndrew said that the new consultation will be ‘more transparent’ and they will work with individuals concerned in this process.

Ms Greenwood said that their interpretation of the letter was that they are ‘full steam ahead for closure’ of the home.

Westlands resident Clifford Devlin said: ““I felt very sad when I got that letter. To me it just defines that they are going step by step towards closure and that Mr Poots has reared the ugly head of closure again, after telling me when he came to the home that he was going to keep it open. When we went to Stormont he hadn’t the nerve to come down and meet us, when most of the other MLA’s did come down and see us, when we were there.”