What makes people in County Tyrone happiest?

A RECENT poll carried out by the National Lottery spending time with family and friends is the secret of true happiness for people living in Tyrone.

Almost half of people in the area (42.6 per cent) are at their most content when with their nearest and dearest, a survey by LucidTalk discovered.

Having a job and eating out with loved ones (both 11.5 per cent) put a smile on the faces of those living in the Red Hand county.

But the current economic situation (41.0 per cent) contributed towards people feeling unhappy while ill-health and the stresses of work (16.4 per cent) came equal second when it came to reasons to make them feel down.

The MAIL decided to hit the streets of Cookstown to ask people if they agreed with the poll and if not, what made them happiest?