‘Widespread removal of Sinn Fein posters across Mid Ulster’

Francie Molloy
Francie Molloy

Mid Ulster MP, Francie Molloy has hit out at what he claims is “the widespread disappearance of Sinn Féin election posters across Mid Ulster.”

Mr Molloy said, “from the Ballygawley roundabout, Eglish, Dungannon, Galbally and across to Cookstown we have had reports of large numbers of posters being removed. “

“We used to see the UDR squads taking down posters in the dark of night. Over the past two weeks we obviously have other fascist elements who are intent on trying to undermine the political process.”

“This campaign to intimidate will not succeed. The electorate know the record of Sinn Féin’s work in the local community and the commitment our councillors put into representing them.”

Mr Molloy concluded: “I do not support the removal of any posters whatever the party may be and would urge those who decide to remove posters to wake up to the reality that their actions are a throw back to the old days and should be left there.”