Wind farm will damage the Sperrins - McGlone

Wind turbine
Wind turbine

Economic interests should not override environmental concerns over a proposed wind farm in the Sperrins, a local assembly member has said.

The SDLP’s Patsy McGlone says he visited the site of the proposed wind farm in the area of Doraville, Broughderg and the Glenelly Valley after he was contacted by local residents.

Mr McGlone has written to the Environment Minister to express the concerns and to seek a meeting.

“I share the residents’ concern that a major development of this scale would have a highly detrimental effect on the local landscape,” said the MLA.

“The area of Broughderg and the Glenelly Valley is a renowned tourist attraction and an area of outstanding natural beauty, and this proposal would undoubtedly have a serious impact upon it.

“The development of a wind farm with very large turbines on this site has the potential to decimate the economic value of tourism in the area. It is important that planning policy gives appropriate consideration to the needs of both sectors.

“It is my view that the current planning policy should be reviewed to ensure that the economic interests of the renewable energy sector are not allowed to override local environmental interests in such areas of outstanding natural beauty.”