Woman ‘addicted’ to shoplifting stole five hoodies

A COOKSTOWN woman who told police she was addicted to shoplifting has appeared in court for stealing five hoodies.

Deidre Coney (45) of Spring Road was also convicted of the attempted theft of another hooded sweatshirt from Intersport in the town.

The offences occurred on various dates, some of which are not known.

On Friday Dungannon Magistrates Court heard that staff in the Cookstown sports store reported to police on March 3 that a woman had stolen a Puma hoodie. CCTV reviewed by police showed the female remove a security pin from the piece of clothing before leaving the shop with the item undetected.

Another incident on March 12th, staff observed a female damage a security tag placed on a hoodie for sale, before leaving the shop empty handed. Staff followed the woman and noted the car registration number of the vehicle she drove off in, before passing those details onto police.

The next day Coney was arrested at her home and a search conducted where a number of hooded tops were recovered. These included sweatshirts where holes had been stitched over where the security tag would have been in place.

The tops were taken to Intersport where the manager confirmed that the store sold the same hoodies. A stock check later revealed a number of similar items missing.

When questioned by police Coney said that she couldn’t remember taking the items but that she was addicted to shoplifting.

Defence lawyer for Coney said she had a number of similar conviction but since the date of the last had not reoffended.

District Judge John Meehan imposed a three month prison sentence, suspended for two years, to run concurrent with a previous prison sentence, also suspended for two years.