Woman taken to hospital after being run over by her own car in Dungannon

Ambulance crews called
Ambulance crews called

A woman who was run over by her own car after a young boy set it in motion, was discharged from hospital late last week after treatment for her injuries, say authorities.

The unfortunate accident, which took place in Ashdene, Dungannon on October 25 around 4.15pm, left the woman - in her fifties - suffering cuts and bruises. She was hurt as she tried to stop the Vauxhall Corsa from rolling down a hill in the residential area.

It is understood that the woman and her step-grandson, aged around seven, were visiting in the area when the car rolled past numerous houses before coming to a stop in one resident’s front garden.

“Thank God the car didn’t kill somebody,” another resident told the Times. “I looked out the window and saw a woman lying on the ground. I thought she’d had a heart attack or a stroke or something.

“There have been a few stories as to what happened,” they added. “Her step-grandson got into the car [but] I don’t know if the wee boy started the car or if he just took the handbrake off.

“She tried to stop the car rolling down the hill, and the car ran over the top of her.

“It didn’t hit the house - which is just pure luck - but she had bruises on her face, there was blood coming out of her eye, her hands were badly cut. They were then obviously afraid to move her in case she had hurt her back or neck.”

An ambulance took the injured woman to Craigavon Area Hospital, while police advised they had “received a report that a woman had been injured by her own car” but “her injuries are not believed to be life threatening”.