Woman who suffered severe asthma attack in Cookstown on Saturday night lucky police found her


A woman who was having an asthma attack so bad she was drifting in and out of consciousness was lucky police were in the same area of Cookstown on Saturday night.

The lady, who was discovered by officers in the James Street area of town, was struggling to breathe and as far as officers could tell, had no inhaler with her.

They subsequently called an ambulance and have since reported that she was fine.

Police have however asked that anyone with a severe medical condition, carry the appropriate medication for emergency situations.

Cookstown PSNI said on their Facebook page: “Last night a local crew were able to assist with a female who was having a bad asthma attack and struggling breathing on James Street, Cookstown.

“It was with luck that they were in the area at the time as the female was going in and out of consciousness.

She had no inhaler on her possession when Police checked.

“We are very grateful for our excellent first aid training and signs and behaviours to look out for. Thankfully an ambulance arrived and the female was ok.

“If you have any medical condition please carry appropriate medication so this can be retrieved in an Emergency. Good work from our colleagues.”