Sinn Fein promoting Thatcherism in Magherafelt?


IF anyone doubted that Sinn Fein is now part and parcel of the Tory establishment, look no further than a recent decision by Magherafelt Council.

The Sinn Fein dominated council has just handed control of its new £9 million ratepayer funded leisure centre to an English owned private company.

Presumably Pulse Fitness Holdings Ltd expects to make a handsome profit from Magherafelt ratepayers for years to come. Defending the transfer of leisure facilities from public sector to private sector, the Council’s chairman Ian Milne said the public would ‘welcome’ the deal.

That remains to be seen. One person who, no doubt, would welcome it is Margaret Thatcher. Thatcherism hasn’t gone away you know.


Magherafelt ratepayer (name and address supplied)