‘Youth justice system is s***e” claimed disorderly teen

A TEENAGER who was arrested after being found wandering on a road stopping traffic, unleashed a string of verbal abuse against police.

The defendant who was aged 17 at the time, had been reported by concerned motorists traveling along the Magherafelt Road, Moneymore at around 9pm on May 5 last year.

She was verbally abusive to police and was warned to moderate her behaviour but she replied “F**k you black


She was arrested and placed in the rear of a police vehicle after which she proceeded to kick the rear passenger window five

times. She was then cautioned for attempting to cause criminal damage and her reply was. “I don’t care what happens. The youth justice system is s***e.”

A pre-sentence report was submitted to Dungannon Magistrates Court which District Judge John Meehan said, “did not

advance any credit.” A defence solicitor told the court his client has been through a difficult childhood and accepted she has numerous convictions on record, but pointed out her social worker was of the opinion “she has turned her life around.”

Judge Meehan rejected this point stating, “She believes the police acted inappropriately and has refused to consent to community service or probation. She has expressed no remorse whatsoever and intends to appeal the outcome of any sentence imposed.

She has not turned her life around.” Addressing the teenager Judge Meehan said, “You have a long history of disorderly

behaviour along with multiple assaults on police and obstruction. You are approaching the next stage which is custody.” On this occasion the defendant was given a sentence of two months suspended for two years, along with fines totaling £150. On leaving the court, she burst in tears.