Aarons Gym enjoy record breaking success

Aarons Gym Powerlifting Team Members competed across two competitions at the Irish Muscle Power Expo at the Waterfront Hall and the GPC Annual Benchpress in Carlow.

Wednesday, 17th September 2014, 5:00 pm
Aarons Gym powerlifters

Across both competitions the team achieved seven Northern Irish records, two All-Ireland records, seven first places and a Best Overall Junior award.

GPC Competitor Team consisted of Thomas Cardwell, Terry Coey, Reece Klewchuk and Darran McKeown, Thomas benched a Massive 200kgs at a bodyweight of 99.5kgs achieving a first place.

CDE Global sponsored athlete Terry Benched 162.5kgs at a bodyweight of 81.6kgs achieving a first place.

Junior first time competitor Reece benched 106Kgs at bodyweight of 66Kgs achieving a first place and gaining an All-Ireland record. Core X Nutrition Sponsored Athlete Darran benched 165Kgs at a bodyweight of 97.9kgs achieving a first place and gaining an All-Ireland Record.

The NIPF Competitor Team consisted of Amber Downey, Jenny Brown, Matthew Henry, Chris Dawson and David Butler.

First time competitor 17 Year old Amber Downey placed 1st, setting 6 records for U18, U20 and U23 with a bench press of 35kgs and a Deadlift of 80kgs at a bodyweight of 57kgs, on top of this outstanding performance Amber was awarded the best overall female Junior award.

First Time competitor Jenny achieved a first place with a deadlift of 150Kgs and a massive bench press of 90Kgs achieved a Northern Irish record and all time heaviest female Bench Press in the NIPF. Also for the first time in Northern Irish Woman’s Powerlifting Jenny attempted a massive 100Kgs press narrowly missing, Jenny has her sights on the British Record next time on the platform.

Matthew achieved a 1st place with a 110Kgs bench press and 215Kgs deadlift at a bodyweight of 73.1kgs. Under 20 first time competitor Chris bench pressed 85kgs and deadlifted 185kgs at a bodyweight of 77.8Kgs.

Under 18 first time competitor David bench pressed 85Kgs and deadlifted 140Kgs while sporting an injury.