Basketball: New Wolves club in Cookstown

A new name in the Irish basketball world just emerged BC Cookstown Wolves and you should watch out for it.

Tuesday, 7th April 2015, 6:00 pm
The Wolves basketball team

Giedrius Kazlauskas and a few of his fellow Lithuanians had a dream of creating something more than just a basketball club.

“It’s more than just a sports team, it’s something for everyone to get involved. We have a vision of creating a community that will connect all the people who love basketball, sports and having a great time playing it” he explained.

“Twelve adult men players and a coach are doing best they can to prepare for the new season in Basketball NI to compete in Division 1.

“But there also are a lot of children who don’t want to play outside in parks, but want some real training to develop their skills to the maximum.

“We are trying to build a club from scratch, we have a Facebook page, we are looking forward to making a website, and are open to any kind of help and support from people around Northern Ireland. Contact our manager at 07871 418998,” he added.