Bowman on target as Rainey defeat PSNI

After three weeks without a match, Rainey Ladies started Saturday’s match against PSNI slowly and took time to settle down.

However, they slowly found their feet and great pressure was applied by a strong forward line.

With numerous great runs from the midfielders, and a large amount of possession in the opposition’s half, PSNI defence managed to fend off numerous shots at goal.

Half-time provided time for Rainey to strategize and rethink the game; this proved to be just what was needed and the first goal came from another penalty corner. The ball was slipped to Robyn Hastings and was successfully passed across the circle, finding Megan Murray’sstick, into the back of the net.

The next five minutes were crucial and Rainey’s defence held off any chances PSNI had at equalizing.

A second goal followed shortly after as Nicole Heaney ran it around the base line, slotting the ball back to Jenna Bowman who stuck it into the goals!

Confidence levels began to rise and Rainey remained determined to keep the pressure on. Great skills from Jayne Allen and Lorraine Hyndman delivered the ball to the penalty spot, where Jenna Bowman earned her second goal of the match.

With ten minutes to go and Rainey remained tight. With a few great saves from Rebecca Allen and sustained pressure up front, Rainey had gained another three points on the league table.

Rainey Ladies: Rebecca Allen, Louise McMaster, Robyn Hastings, Cat Walshe, Brianna Kerr, Maeve McNally, Jayne Allen, Claire Mulholland, Megan Murray, Megan Mulholland, Nicole Heaney, Jenna Bowman, Lorraine Hyndman, Zara Bell.

Man of the Match: Jenna Bowman and Jayne Allen