Cookstown enjoy victory over Enniskillen

Cookstown High School 4- Enniskillen 0.

2nd XI.

On Saturday the girls played in their 3rd league match this year at home to Enniskillen. The 2nd XI played their 1st XI and were victorious in their results. The game started well with some great passing around the back between Chole Ferguson, Hannah Keane and Claire Cowden.

The first goal came from an excellent jab tackle from Corrin McWhirter saw Enniskillen dispossessed and she unselfishly played the ball to Emma McCrea who made no mistake.

The second goal came from a well executed penalty corner; Naomi Elliot passed the ball back to Corrin McWhirter who slotted the ball into the back of the net. In the second half the girls continued to dominate and had several chances to score a second.

Lauren Shaw hammered in an excellent pass from Joanna Scott to give the keeper no chance whilst the fourth and final goal came from a calmly placed ball into the corner by Naomi Elliott.

Team: Kayleigh Hodgett, Hannah Martin, Claire Cowden, Hannah Keane, Chloe Ferguson, Sharon Watt, Cara Sloan, Naomi Elliott, Joanna Scott, Corrin McWhirter, Emma McCrea (Capt) Lauren Shaw, Katie Sloan.

U13 XI.

The U 13’s had a difficult game against an inexperienced Enniskillen team. This meant that Cookstown found it difficult to get their passing game going as Enniskillen crowded the centre of the pitch. Hannah Taylor, Jessica Stewart and Rebecca Lindsay worked tirelessly in midfield to get the ball moving. In the first half the girls were unlucky not to score with some great efforts by Corie Harkness and Hannah Taylor.

At halftime the game was scoreless but Cookstown were to change that, the second half saw Cookstown constantly dominate the circle and an excellent run from Claire Spence saw her persistence paid off, as she took on two defenders and calmly slotted the ball past the keeper.

The next two goals were identical as Corie Harkness pushed down the right wing and passed the ball to Hannah Taylor who made no mistake in putting it past the keeper twice, to give her two goals. Final score 3-0 to Cookstown.

Team: Chloe Morrow, Chloe Boden, Jenny Crozier, Chelsea Cowden, Lauren Reilly, Amy McAlister, Jessica Stewart, Rebecca Lindsay, Hannah Taylor (Capt.), Hannah Warwick, Claire Spence, Corie Harkness, Aimee Junk and Saskia Nelson.