Cup success for Rainey II

Ards II 0 Rainey II 3

Rainey II continued their unbeaten success with their second match of the Ulster McConnell Cup.

The opposition was Ards away and a tough game was expected.

Rainey got off to a strong start and the first goal was scored before the second minute from a brilliant penalty corner and powerful strike from the left midfield.

Rainey continued to dominate the first half with great passing between the midfield L. Morrissey and C. McNally and the second goal by E. Currie came on the rebound.

By this stage Ards were rattled and “taking no prisoners” in an attempt to get back into the game, however brilliant defending from the Rainey back four refused to allow this. Centre back E. Leslie and left back L. Walls made some strong passes to drive Rainey forward and the third goal, from a fantastic run by B. Allen, came shortly before half time.

The second half continued to prove a battle, with Rainey preventing any of Ards drives for goal by some great clearances from K. Stewart and S.Barfoot.

Rainey persisted in their drive for another goal in the second half with more penalty corners and shots on target but unfortunately could not convert them.

A hard fought game with another clean sheet for Rainey.

Player of the match: Emma Leslie.