Deserved win for Rainey girls

ON Saturday, Rainey 1st XI Hockey Club faced Saintfield. Rainey knew this was going to be a tight game so came out in the game hard in strong. Rainey, taking the first pass back, worked the ball through the mid-field, into the forward line, not forgetting the back-up from the backs.

This therefore resulted in Rainey winning their first short corner. Catherin Walshe put the ball out hard and strong, giving Jenna Bowman the time at the top of the day to strike the ball into the net for their first goal. Shortly after, the other team retaliated with a goal. Making it 1-1.

Just before the whistle for half time, Rainey took their second goal, due to a one-two move between Jayne Speer and Jenna Bowman, for Jayne Speer to strike the ball brilliantly and score the second goal. Second half there was nice play from both teams. After a series of short corners won by Rainey, the third goal was hit by Jenna Bowman again, from top D, into the net. Coming to the end both teams was giving it their all. Through-out the whole game the four backs, Robyn Hasting, Louise McMaster, Brianna Kerr and Catherine Walshe, transferred the ball fantastically around the back to give opportunities to the mid-fields and forwards to get the ball through the other teams defence. With 4 minutes to go the other team scored. But Rainey continued attacking. Maeve McNally passed the ball through to the circle, where Jenna Bowman struck the ball to take the fourth goal. Final score was 4-2. A well deserved win for the Rainey girls.

Player of the Match was tied between Claire Mulholland and Jenna Bowman. Well done.