Mulligan’s Bar sponsors Player of the Tournament

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EOIN, otherwise known as “Mugsy” Mulligan always knew he wanted to play football and he excelled at the sport from an early age.

Eoin played in both Junior and premier Tyrone Milk Cup squads in 1996 and 1998. Eoin stated that he enjoyed his experience at the Milk cup and therefore felt it was fitting to sponsor the Milk Cup Trophies for the “Player of the Tournament” at this year’s Milk Cup tournament in the North Cost.

Eoin played football in Canada at 15 years old. Talented and enjoying his football he then went to bigger and better things and played Gaelic for Tyrone minors and seniors as a very strong forward player. He achieved notable success with Cookstown Father Rock’s from under 12 upwards collecting league and Championships along the way. He was part of the Tyrone Gaelic team that won the All Irelands in 2003, 2005, and 2008.

In Brisbane, Australia in 2000 he played a key role for Shamrocks Gaelic Football Club winning the 2000 Queensland Gaelic Football Championship. His talent is unbelievable and he always enjoyed playing both soccer and Gaelic. Eoin now runs a Sports Bar in Cookstown catering for all sports men and woman.

Eoin would like to wish both teams good luck at this year’s Milk Cup Tournament.