Rainey girls defeated, but seconds win well

Rainey RFHC 1st XI 1

Parkgate 2

RAINEY 1st XI were at home on Friday night for their first league match of 2012 against a strong Parkgate side.

From the pass back Parkgate started the stronger of the two teams, Rainey made a push forward about 10mins into the game but couldn’t find the back of the net giving Parkgate the opportunity to steal the ball and send it back up the fast Meadowbank pitch, their forwards picked the loose ball up, went wide and round the back of Rainey’s defence, Rebecca Allen came off her line to intercept the forward, unfortunately she lost out with Parkgate’s forward finding the back board to open the scoring.

This early slip perked up the Rainey side whose game play got stronger throughout the half with some super runs from Megan Mulholland,

Rachel Clarke who toyed with the Parkgate defence; late in the first half following another surge forward Clare Mulholland found the back of the net to even the score line just before the half time whistle.

The second half started as it finished with Rainey dominating the Parkgate half putting both their defence and goalie under relentless pressure, with numerous shots at goal from Clare & Megan Mulholland, Nicole Heaney, Rachel Clarke & Zara Bell, although under this immense pressure Parkgate’s defence and keeper held their nerve and denied Rainey that elusive goal.

Parkgate then made a late push forward following a lapse in the Rainey game and again found the back of the net. A disappointing result for Rainey as Parkgate emerged victors from what can only be described as a one sided affair with Rainey being the dominant team.

Player of the match; Megan Mulholland

The committee and players of Rainey Hockey Club would also like to thank everyone who bought raffle tickets, and attended their recent Christmas fund raiser, this was much appreciated.

The winners of the draw were; 1st Kathryn Stewart, 2nd Jack Gregg, 3rd Wendy Allen.

Rainey RFHC 2nd XI 3

Civil Service 0

RAINEY 2nd XI played Civil Service at home this week for their first match of the New Year.

The Civil Service side are the only team to have beaten Rainey 2nd XI so far this season so the pressure was on to win this one. Rainey started strong and determined with the midfield working hard to push the ball up the pitch. Not long into the first half centre midfielder Ciara McNally took a quick free hit into the circle and sent the ball straight to centre forward Christine McClure who thumped it into the back of the net.

Shortly after the same happened again with Ciara McNally’s quick pass finding Christine McClure’s stick in front of the goals and the Rainey side found themselves 2-0 up at half time. The defence worked hard throughout to stop any Civil Service attacks, particularly the right side who prevented the threatening left wing from getting any chances. A few minutes into the second half saw Barbara Allen take on a couple of Civil Service defenders with her usual fast speed and send the ball into the net. Throughout the remainder of the second half Rainey pressurised the opposition with a few more shots on goals whilst the defence worked hard to maintain a clean sheet.

Player of the Match - Barbara Allen.