MacRory glory would be ‘icing on the cake’ in 50th year

Anne Scott, Principal of St Patrick's College in Maghera
Anne Scott, Principal of St Patrick's College in Maghera

THE PRINCIPAL of St Patrick’s College has spoken of her pride at watching the school force their way back into the MacRory Cup final.

“Elation would not be too small a word for how I feel at seeing our boys back in the MacRory Cup final. We are absolutely ecstatic – I can’t believe that it has been twelve months,” said Mrs Anne Scott. “It is lovely to be back as last year it didn’t go our way. But hopefully it will give our boys an added impetus to get over the line.

“I can’t speak for the boys but I can’t think that we will let it slip past us this time.

“It’s great for the school as it is our 50th year and to bring home the MacRory Cup would be the icing on the cake.

“I don’t think it would be fair to say that we deserve the cup, but certainly the school needs it, County Derry needs it and I think it would just be great to have it here.

“Football has improved right across the country and any team that wants it has to fight very hard for it, tooth and nail. Our team has come through a tough way and St Paul’s will be tougher again. But it is not enough to win the MacRory Cup once – you have to keep coming back to try again.”

“It should be a brilliant day for both schools. We’ve got two well matched teams, both hungry to win and it will be who wants it most on the day.”

The anniversary will take on even more significance following news of the death of founding principal, Fr. Philip Donnelly, on Monday, March 11.

Fr. Donnelly served as principal for eleven years following its inception in 1963.